Automotive Needlepunch Felt automotive felt


BIT manufactures needlepunch wool and synthetic felts for autos, trains and buses.
Our felts keep your ride quiet and comfortable.

Needlepunch felt provide specific automotive functions such as absorbency, strength, flame retardancy, cushioning and sound dampening. Damping materials are designed to reduce the noise in the interior of the car by weakening or eliminating vibrations that are transferred to its body and cause unpleasant buzzing sounds.
BIT felt meets SAE and ASTM requirements.
Materials include eco-friendly wool, polyester and blended fibers.
Needlepunch felt is available in rolls or cut sheets, made to your specifications with on-time delivery.

Specific wool and synthetic felt applications are:

Cabin air filters
Automotive carpet padding
Truck liners
Tire reinforcement
Acoustic/Thermal Insulation
Battery post corrosion inhibitor washers
Console/storage box linings
Padding for sun visors
Dash insulators
Filters for oil
Muffler wraps

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