Wool and Synthetic Industrial Felt synthetic felt

BIT is a leading manufacturer of industrial felt products. We produce a broad range of wool felt, wool blend felt and synthetic felt products including SAE, Needled and Sheet felts.
Our felt is custom manufactured for a wide range of applications and available in rolls or sheets. Our various grades of industrial felt range in different densities and wool content allowing ifor a variety of purposes and applications.
Industrial felt provide absorbency, liquid repellency, filtering and cushioning. Since the fabric is not woven, the edges may be cut without fear of threads coming loose and the fiber unraveling.

These felts are commonly used in the following applications:

Vibration Mounts
Oil Seals and Gaskets
Dryer Seals
Fluid Storage
Weather Stripping
Space and Packaging
Appliance Felt
Ink Pads
Wicking Weather Stripping
Shock Dampeners
Grease Retention

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