Stamp Pad Synthetic Felt synthetic felt

BIT has a special configuration of needle punch felts for use in stamp pads, nibs and cosmetic applicators. Your business and or/or hobby-related customer will be impressed.

Ink Roller/Stamp Pad: The felt can provide approximately 15,000 impressions for long-lasting quality, and can be re-inked to extend its life through thousands more high-quality stamping experiences. The felt pad absorbs ink "like a sponge" and transfers ink evenly to a rubber stamp.

Fiber Nibs for Writing Instruments: this unique felt allows for a consistent flow of ink and holding its shape for the life of the marker while providing a quiet writing experience.

Cosmetic Applicators: the felt provides a high quality alternative to natural brush application of cosmetic products. The felt applicators can be custom engineered to dispense fluids of any viscosity.

BIT can produce stamp pad felt, writing nibs and applicators to any specification.

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Felt Made in the USA